swimming on all the waves.

There have been days of stillness in the recent past. In hindsight ones I had prayed for, but I didn’t imagine them this way.. as it usually goes. Hallow, warm, and righteous, yet all the same misguided. As in a stillness that keeps you full, and vacant, in the moment. But I’m not lost, quite the contrary, I feel fully equipped of what's ahead but I prayed for stillness and the Lord is holding me on the edge of the cliff, with all the ways and reasons to fall. Fully immersed in possibility and passion and faith.

It just looks a little different this time. Without fear.

In my stillness I’ve wandered around in my head, watching all the things, and thinking them too, all the while never coming to a point of origin. A complete and full stillness.

I sit down to figure out the new things, ambitions for a coming year, and I’m still again. All the possibilities filling me up with each conclusion off center.

Patience. Stillness. Proof. What we desire so hard for the Spirit to grant us, yet when it has arrived we are so confused to what is happening. It arrives in a realm we are not looking for.. until we are.

I reflect and I wait, oh Lord. Praying there is resolution.

goodbye 2014, these are the things you taught me

1. life is better with my Husband.
2. building a home with your spouse takes intention, building Faith with your spouse is more
3. life is full of seasons. but there are seasons within seasons within seasons when you’re a
    twenty something.
4. life is so fragile during this age, thus those of us living it are rarely aware of number three. 

5. I never knew I could love a puppy as much as I love Hazel Louise.
6. marriage is a joyful covenant; yet a possibility lives that I will see those around me hurt from
    their experiences of it.
7. dream big, encourage others, and keep the details of your visions safe.
8. those around you will walk away from the Truth or find an alternative and this is the time when
    you have to love them harder than you have before.

still. here. swimming and wandering. Truly present in the stillness I have asked and received.

this is just the beginning of sorting out what is scattered and what is planted.

here’s to that.