together life.

Today, I’m looking back. Where my feet were a year ago to where they rest now. I hope I can see all the years as vivid as this one. Brock and I left the home we met in a little over a year ago to start life that was to become life that began and ended each day with each other. It has been the most real and raw journey I have ever been a part of.

We started from the beginning.. each of us vulnerable to what life happens next.. but this time, we started together. In my head & in my heart I have made a point to mentally and physically capture our days and years from the beginning of our together life.

Just within a year, we hunted for our first home, patiently waited for our first jobs while supporting each other, experienced all of our first holidays together as a family, and brought home our puppy Hazel with a bunch of other between things.

Little by bit, bit by little collecting and building a together life.

What I’ve gathered so far, is that life moves entirely too fast, yet a vapor. So I put forth more effort to collect the pieces.

So here I am documenting this part of together life. Our first little married home. Captured in all its iPhone glory. Every little detail and year spent, building with my husband. The laughs we spent trying to put together shelves or nights spent folding laundry together. The time spent teaching our little pup and the holidays we spent experiencing life and its timing. All in this little place.

I loved it. I love my husband more. & I love the life we believe in.

The nights spent laying side by side begging each other to out live the other in this room. 

The hundreds of cups of coffee shared.

The really full and promising life lived.

I will remember it all.

The day we handed over the deposit for our little cottage, I got a little sad. I knew I’d have to say goodbye to our first married home. All that is was, and all that it wasn’t, more than enough. I still had to prepare for the next part.

We’ve been going. & going. But I’ve found a moment to rest & find a new notebook to start the next chapter of together life.

I never want to forget these little parts, these little steps. Our journey is the most important part.

Here’s to new together life, forever life. I love you Brock.