a new collection.

The view here is wonderful, the view I am finally resting with. This moment in life, these days I am living, I have found my stillness and it is good.

It has taken me awhile to find my voice for this part of my life. My creative one, here amongst the things I have gathered while learning all the things I am capable of. That voice has always existed but for some reason I chose to protect it and only share a mute version with the world. I've had a blog for the past four years. It was my collection of reflections and reminders of what I had lived, where I had been, and most importantly the dreams I had seen in my most vulnerable moments. It's beautiful in a way, to have this gathering of rawness yet richness but here I am in a new venue, new life, and new speaking box. It is time to leave that one behind, because I have touched sureness and it is real, stable, and forward moving. 

It's sad to say goodbye to you old words, but I have reached this day of living where life is worth sharing, vulnerability is better articulated, and my mission cry for Christ is within reach. I can feel it. 

I imagine little details and days will unfold equally, they have to, because it all has happened so quickly and I am slowly finding the time to archive my favorite moments where I will hold them forever and my children will be offered them too. 

In the past year I have experienced life in Africa, completed college, moved back to Oklahoma, and married my best friend. It has been a rich and joyful journey and now, right this moment, I have been able to find a strong stillness to plant my feet and say "Ok, Hannah we'll stay here a while." 

So many details to days and life makings but I guess all this to say I am ready to fulfill my promises. After a lot of patience and faith stretching and loving I am one step closer to building something in memory of my father, in service to my Father, and simply loving my husband and God's blessings greater. 

I have recently settled in a new job with ghost, of which I love. Alongside a learning journey with my sweet friend Alison of Juniper who is sharing her floral knowledge but most importantly her friendship. 

Lots of creating these days, and hopefully this venture to gather my life will show up here once in a while. That's the plan anyway, with more clarity and hope than before. Always renewing, forward moving.