The Story

Oh, what the Lord has done in me. 

I remember that day, getting in my car driving down the highway thinking about, yet not knowing how to describe the nourishment, protection and unequivocal love the Lord had shed on my soul my four years at Harding. I was leaving a community of His people whom I loved so dearly. A people who found a broken Hannah and invited her into a realm of grace I had never lived.

Four years of tearing up roots that had been planted long before. Four years of tending to the harvest of the Spirits work in me. Four long years of living in the company of His saints, laborers a plenty. I cherish the relationships I was able to harbor for such a short time. Even still, after returning home I found myself unsettled and longing for a church family with that same kind of fervor.

In the midst of "life's transitions", it took almost two years. My husband and I newly married, embarked on the task of finding a new church home in a new to us and old to me city. I grew up attending youth gatherings in Oklahoma City and spent a summer exploring different congregations prior to our moving there. In fleshier terms I guess you could say we were spoiled to the set up we had in college. Our minister was one of our bible professors. Two of my four art professors were our elders at the church we attended. We had deep seeded relationships with our brothers and sisters, and the most outstanding mentors/friends. We lived this life together.

Consistency or persistence were not our missing components. We gave two different congregations a 6 month attempt with a few here and theres a long the way. They were wonderful places with both strengths and weaknesses but neither of those places felt like our home. It was then my best friend shared this gift of wisdom, "I want to find a church home that needs me as much as I need them." That's all I needed to hear to be encouraged to try once more, and then again and again if need be. 

An answer to our prayers, on a fall Sunday morning we found ourselves worshiping with the Lord's body at Mayfair church of Christ. Shortly after the sermon we were greeted by the preaching minister and several others. After a bit of conversation we found ourselves with mutual friendships and by the time we got back to our cars we had been invited to lunch and a small group that evening. Little things, yet quick reminders of a what it means be invited into a family, little things.

You may have gathered by now this is my round about (yet real) way of saying we love our church family. The body who meets to do the Lords work at 2340 NW 50th, OKC, OK. We have been blessed by their love and encouragement this past year and find still we are on the brink of loving them even more as we yield beside them.

My morning devotional the past few weeks has been 1 + 2 Peter & by devine intention I read these words this morning:

"Let's pay attention. Let's be eyewitnesses to God's glory. Let's remind each other that this is not just a story, this is The Story."

I remember sitting in a pew, with green little cushions thinking "the Spirit is welcome here." 

If you are looking for a church family this is my segue invitation.

We as a church are embarking on a journey to read through The Story. The Story is a chronologically organized timeline of some of the bible's most compelling stories of Jesus and his people. "The Story, through it's unique and easy-to-read format, opens a door to God's truth. It's a door that every person is consciously and unconsciously searching for."

We are providing a free copy to all those who are wanting to partake in this journey with us! I am excited about the opportunities ahead. If you are searching for a church family I encourage you to come visit with us. If you have been curious about our God creator of the universe but need a guiding hand, come read The Story with us!

I am sure you will be swept up in fellowship and encouraged by your time with us.

We begin The Story next Sunday, September 13th. Bible Classes begin at 9:00am & Worship at 10:00am // Can't wait to see you!