Friend, I’m so glad you’re here. There is an idea stored in your heart and you’re ready to share it. A beautiful brand story has the power to outfit your passions so others get to experience them and be changed by them.

We begin by uncovering the intentions behind your business through a series of exercises I have developed. We then gather visual inspiration that is reflective of your truth, this will be our guide as we start to develop your brand recipe. Finally, I take the ingredients we have gathered and develop a brand story unique to you!

We celebrate, but our adventure doesn’t end there. I love being your brand guide just as much as I love creating your brand story. It’s time to share it with others and I'll be right there to cheer you on!

PART 1.0

1.1 Client Questionnaire / This is where we dig deep and I take a look at the heart behind your business. We get on the same page and use your responses to create the direction of your brand.

1.2 Brand Strategy + Mood Board / After reading through your responses I begin crafting your brand strategy. This will aide us in gathering visual inspiration. This is typically my clients favorite part of the process.

PART 2.0

2.1 Inspiration Review / We have a touchpoint meeting to review our inspiration and discuss any new ideas.

2.2 Initial Sketches / I take the notes from our review meeting and start to ideate initial elements of your brand story.

2.3 Sketches Review / I've explored ideas and would love to hear your feedback as we hone in on the style and vibes of your brand identity.


PART 3.0

3.1 All Hannah / This is where I create the magic that is your full brand story. The next time we chat will be your final brand reveal. (Woot!)

3.2 Brand Reveal / Reveal of your complete brand story! This includes: mood board, brand messaging, logo family, color palette, typography, patterns, stationery design (business card, letterhead, envelope), social media favicon, and applications.


PART 4.0

4.1 Finalize and Celebrate! / We finalize brand assets and celebrate this milestone in your business! This is it friend, you have intentionally given your business the tools needed to share your passions and purpose!

4.2 Social Media Strategy / I'm not going anywhere. This is a pivotal moment, we have to share your brand as intentionally as we created it! I equip you with a social media strategy that includes 10 copywritten posts and accompanying brand image assets. We set the tone and roll out your brand together.

4.3 You got this! / It's always hard to part, but I know if we've made it this far then we're probably the best of friends. This is where we hug and say "until next time!"

Are you ready to tell your story?

Let's do this friend! Please get in touch by using my contact page.